MCD-6550 X-Ray Tunnel Baggage Inspection Machine

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MCD-6550 X-Ray Tunnel Baggage Inspection Machine

Product Parameters:

1.Detection Mode: X-Ray bottom shine detecting

2.Tunnel Size: 650(W)*500(H) mm

3.Conveyor Speed: 0.2m/s

4.Conveyor Max Load:170kg

5.Single inspection dosage: <1.5uGy

6.Wire Resolution:Ф0.1mm metal line

7.Steel Penetration:34MM metal line

8.Maximum leakage radiation: <0.05uGy/h

9.System Power:220AVC/50Hz

10.Power wastage:1.0KW(Max)

11.Noise: <65 dB

12.Operating Temperature: 0℃~45℃

13.Storage Temperature: -20℃~60℃


Feature and Application:

X-ray penetrate inspection, the object can be found within the metal structure, can display the naked eye can not see where the liquid is also very obvious object display. Used in the factory testing of security products and business units such as: electronic factories, shoe factories, toy factories, courts, railway stations, and event bag, line security management package

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